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Prerequisite: A High School Diploma

Degree is granted upon successful completion of 120 credit hours.

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BTH106 Christian Living
BICM109 Preparing For Christian Ministry
BITH107 Foundations Of Leadership
BITH103 Summary Of Christian Doctrine
BITH200 Biblical History Of Israel
BITH202 Christian Education In The Church
BITH203 The Gospels
BITH204 The Pentateuch
BITH205 Historical Book
BITH206 Biblical Preaching 101
BICM207 New Testament Ecclesiology
BITH208 Fundamentals Of Biblical Exegesis
BITH209 Introduction To Missiology
BINT300 Acts
BIOT301 Old Testament Books Of Poetry
BINT302 Epistles Of Paul I
BINT304 Romans
BITH305 Systematic Theology I
BITH306 Systematic Theology Ii
BITH307 Church History I
BITH309 Spiritual Warfare
BICM310 Divine Healing
BICM400 Church Planting In The 21st Century
BITH401 Systematic Theology Iii
BINT402 General Epistles
BICM404 Principles Of Church Administration
BIOT406 Old Testament – Major Prophets
BIOT407 Old Testament – Minor Prophets
BINT408 Hebrews
BITH409 Biblical Preaching (Homiletics)
BITH410 A Survey Of Pastoral Ministry
CF506 The Names Of The Holy Spirit
CF514 Strategic Spiritual Warfare
CF590 Church Leadership 101
CF504 How We Got Our Bible

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