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Course Description:

This course is an introduction to biblical ecclesiology. The student is exposed to the nature and governance of the church according to the Bible.

Course Objectives:

  1. To gain a greater understanding of the biblical view of the church.
    2. To develop an appreciation for the place of the church in God’s plan.
    3. To develop a deeper understanding of the ministry of the church..
    4. To become an effective mentor and spiritual guide for others.

Course Requirements

  1. Technical RequirementsDownload and install a browser other than Microsoft Internet Explorer. We suggest Firefox or Google Chrome. The E-learning system performs better with Firefox or Google Chrome browsers.
  2. Academic Requirements

Lessons (25%): Complete the weekly lessons

Complete the weekly quizzes. Quizzes are based on materials from weekly lessons .

Final exam (35%).

Assignments (40%): Assignments are made up of weekly reading reports. Read the assigned textbooks readings. Textbooks reading will be reported by submitting 150 words or more of reflection on that day’s reading. On the first line of your reading report, specify whether you read all (worth up to 25 points), 75% (worth up to 20 points), 50% (worth up to 17 points) or 25% (worth up to 12 points). . The reading report should include a good summary of the assigned readings as well as personal concluding thoughts or lessons learned.

Grading Scale

A = 94-100 Excellent
B = 84 – 93 Above Average
C = 74 – 83 Average
D = 64 – 73 Below Average
F = 63 & Below Failure


The Church in the New Testament [Paperback] Kevin J. Conner (Author)
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The Church in the New Testament
Kevin J. Conner
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