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Course Requirements

Technical Requirements: Download and install a browser other than Microsoft Internet Explorer. We suggest Firefox or Google Chrome.

The E-learning system performs better with Firefox or Google Chrome browsers.

Academic Requirements:

Lessons (25%) – Complete the lessons, including the short quiz at the end of each lesson, there are any.

Final exam (25%)

Bible Reading Reports (30%). Read Genesis-Kings as assigned. You should use a modern translation (not a paraphrase), e.g., RSV, NASB, NKJV, NIV, NRSV, etc

Textbook chapter summary ( 20%). Write a 5 -7 pages summary of a chapter from Waltke’s book. Choose from chapters 7 through 24

Grading Scale

A = 94-100 Excellent

B = 84-93 Above Average

C = 74-83 Average

D = 64-73 Below Average

F = 63 & Below Failure

Required Textbook




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