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If you were to select one word to describe your daily life, what would it be?   Routine?   Boring? Stressful?   Pleasurable?   For many of us, perhaps the first word that comes to mind is “struggle”, or a similar adjective.  Often, life seems to be a daily battle against discouragement, disappointment, and depression.  We wrestle against a maze of difficult circumstances that may include a broken home, failing relationships, poor health, or diminishing finances.  Sometimes, in the midst of this battle of daily living, we feel we are all alone and that no other “mature” believers seem to have such problems.

As you pick up this workbook on “Strategic Spiritual Warfare”, let us dispel one lie of the enemy right up front.   You are not alone in your struggles.   The entire record of God’s Word, the Bible, describes men and women who faced difficult battles of life.   In fact, the Apostle Paul describes life as a combat, conflict, and continual wrestling.   This is the spiritual arena of life known as “spiritual warfare”.  No subject in Scripture is more controversial and difficult to deal with than that of spiritual warfare.   Many people either have an aversion to talking about Satan and  demons or demonstrate a tendency toward overemphasizing the enemies of our soul.  Aside  from the fear often generated when the subject arises, there is also the problem of a distorted world view.   The Western mind-set is quite different from that of the cultures to which the Bible was originally delivered.   If we are to really understand the world in which we live and God’s desire for it, we must be instructed by the Holy Spirit in a mind-set   different from that which now exists, a mind-set that incorporates the spirit world.

Regardless of the misplaced emphasis on the subject of spiritual warfare, one thing is quite clear: Jesus recognized the daily struggles we all face,   He acknowledged a very real spiritual enemy, and He provided effective strategic spiritual guidelines for dealing with him.   To be effective in spiritual warfare, we need to know these spiritual strategies and how to put them into action. It is for this reason that “Strategic Spiritual Warfare” has been written.  Instead of just learning about spiritual warfare, you will actually begin to do warfare through a 15-step interactive program that will guide you in facing the battles of life.   As you study and apply this material, please be aware that we have tried to be as scripturally accurate as possible.   We have also tried to give the work an equilibrium beneficial to people from a wide range of backgrounds.

How To Use This Workbook

In each lesson you will find the following:

-A Step To Take:                     Each chapter title reflects an action step to take.

-Objectives:                               Goals for each spiritual warfare strategy session.

-Key Verses For This Study:  Selected Scriptures for memorization.

Each lesson is written in an interactive format which means you will be asked to respond and apply what you are learning. The Holy Spirit will help you understand and apply spiritual warfare strategies more effectively as a result of studying this material.  God is building a great and mighty army.   Listen closely with your spiritual ears and you will hear the summons to battle.




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