Lesson 15




Upon completion of this chapter you will be able to:

C Name the author of the book of Philemon.

C Identify to whom the book of Philemon was written.

C State the purpose for the book of Philemon.

C Write the Key Verse of the book of Philemon from memory.

C State the Life and Ministry Principle for the book of Philemon.



TO WHOM: Philemon, a Christian who lived at Colosse

PURPOSE: To appeal for Onesimus, the runaway slave of Philemon who had become a believer. The book also serves as a practical example of Christian principles applied to social relationships . It also illustrates the principle of forgiveness , and the ministry of intercession .


LIFE AND MINISTRY PRINCIPLE: Christian principles must be applied to social relationships.

MAIN CHARACTERS: Paul, Onesimus, Philemon. Minor characters mentioned are Apphia, Archippus, Epaphras, Marcus, Demas, Lucas, Aristarchus


I. Introduction: 1:1-7

A. Greetings of grace and peace: 1:1-3

1. From Paul and Timothy: 1:1

B. To: 1:1-2

l. Philemon: 1 :1

2. Apphia: 1:2

3. Archippus: 1:2

4. Church in Philemon’s home: 1:2

C. Thanksgiving for: 1:4-7

1. Love: 1:5

2. Faith: 1 :5

3. Communication of faith: 1:6

4. Refreshing of saints: 1:7

II. The request: 1:8-21

A. Paul’s personal interest in Onesimus: 1:8-14

1. He was an unprofitable servant: 1:11

2. He is now a profitable believer: 1:11,13

B. Paul’s plea for Onesimus: 1:15-18

1. Forgive him for your sake: 1:15

2. Forgive him for his sake: 1:16

3. Forgive him for my sake: 1:17-18

C. The basis of his request: 1:19-20

D. Confidence in an answer: 1:21

III. Conclusion: 1:22-25

A. Paul’s proposed visit: 1:22

B. Greetings: 1:23-25