Lesson 2




Upon completion of this chapter you will be able to:

C Name the author of the book of Mark.

C Identify to whom the book of Mark was written.

C State the purpose for the book of Mark.

C Write the Key Verse of the book of Mark from memory.

C State the Life and Ministry Principle for the book of Mark.



TO WHOM: To all believers, although the first intended audience was the Romans to whom he presents Jesus as a servant.

PURPOSE: To present the ministry of Jesus, stressing His role as a servant and the Son of

KEY VERSE: 10:45

LIFE AND MINISTRY PRINCIPLE: We should seek to minister rather than to be ministered to.

MAIN CHARACTERS: Jesus, the twelve disciples

I. The period of preparation: 1:1-13

A. The beginning of the Gospel: 1:1-3

B. The ministry of John the Baptist: 1:4-8

C. The baptism of Jesus: 1:9-11

D. The temptation of Jesus: 1:12-13

II. The Galilean Ministry: 1:14-6:30

A. The beginning of the ministry of Jesus: 1:14-15

B. The call of four fisherman: 1:16-20

C. Healing of a demon possessed man: 1:21-28

D. Healing of Peter’s mother-in-law: 1:29-31

E. Growing popularity: 1:32-34

F. The quiet time: 1:35-37

G. The first tour of Galilee: 1:38-39

H. Healing of a leper: 1:40-45

I. Healing of a paralyzed man: 2:1-12

J. The call of Matthew: 2:13-14

K. A celebration, criticism, and reply: 2:15-22

L. The Sabbath controversy : 2:23-3 :6

M. Ministry by the sea: 3:7-12

N. The ordaining of the twelve disciples: 3:13-19

O. The zeal of Jesus: 3:20-21

P. The unpardonable sin: 3:22-30

Q. True relationship with Jesus: 3:31-35

R. A series of parables: 4:1-34

l. The parable of the soils: 4:1-20

2. The parable of the lamp: 4:21-25

3. The parable of gradual growth: 4:26-29

4. The parable of the mustard seed: 4:30-34

S. A storm at sea: 4:35-41

T. The healing of a demoniac: 5:1-20

U. The daughter of Jarius and the woman with the issue of blood: 5:21-43

V. Rejection at Nazareth: 6:1-6

W. The mission of the twelve disciples: 6:7-13

X. The death of John the Baptist: 6:14-29

Y. The report of the twelve: 6:30

III. The period of withdrawal: 6:31-9:50

A. The feeding of the 5,000: 6:31-46

B. Walking on water: 6:47-52

C. The ministry at Gennesaret: 6:53-56

D. The rebuking of the Pharisees: 7:1-23

E. The Syrophoenician woman: 7:24-30

F. Healing of a deaf mute: 7:31-37

G. Feeding of the 4,000 : 8:1-9

H. A demand for a sign: 8:10-13

I. A warning about leaven: 8:14-21

J. Healing of the blind man: 8:22-26

K. An examination and lesson at Caesarea Philippi: 8:27-9 :1

L. The transfiguration of Jesus: 9:2-10

M. The problem of Elias: 9:11-13

N. The healing of a demoniac boy: 9:14-29

O. Final teaching in Galilee: 9:30-50

IV. The ministry in Perea and Judea: 10:1-52

A. A lesson about divorce: 10:1-12

B. The blessing of children: 10:13-16

C. The rich young ruler: 10:17-22

D. A warning on the peril of riches: 10:23-27

E. A discussion concerning rewards: 10:28-31

F. The prediction of Jesus’s death: 10:32-34

G. A request for prominence: 10:35-45

H. The healing of Bartimaeus: 10:46-52

V. Events of the final week: 11:1-15:47

A. The royal entry to Jerusalem: 11:1-11

B. Cursing the barren fig tree: 11:12-14

C. Cleansing of the temple: 11:15-19

D. A lesson about faith: 11:20-26

E. A challenge to Christ’s authority: 11:27-33

F. The parable of the husbandmen: 12:1-12

G. A question about tribute: 12:13-17

H. The problem of the resurrection: 12:18-27

I. A question about the Great Commandment: 12:28-34

J. A question about the Christ: 12:35-37

K. A warning against Scribes: 12:38-40

L. The widow’s mite: 12:41-44

M. Faith for the future: 13:1-37

N. The plot of the Sanhedrin: 14:1-2

O. Dinner in Bethany: 14 :3-9

P. The plot of Judas: 14:10-11

Q. The Passover: 14:12-21

R. The Last Supper: 14:22-26

S. Peter’s denial foretold : 1 4 :2 7 – 3 1

T. Prayer in Gethsemane: 14:32-42

U. The betrayal and arrest: 14:43-52

V. The Jewish trial: 14:53-65

W. The denials of Peter: 14:66-72

X. The Roman trial: 15:1-21

Y. The crucifixion of Jesus: 15:22-41

Z. The burial of Jesus: 15:42-47

VI. The resurrection of Jesus: 16 :1-8

A. First at the tomb: 16 :1-3

B. The empty tomb : 16:4-6

C. The commission to preach the resurrection message: 16 :7-8

VII. The appearances of Jesus: 16:9-14

A. To Mary Magdalene: 16:9-11

B. To two disciples: 16:12-13

C. To the eleven disciples: 16:14

VIII. The Great Commission: 16:15-18

IX. The ascension of Jesus to Heaven: 16:19

X. Fulfilling the Commission: 16:20