Lesson 20




Upon completion of this chapter you will be able to:

C Name the author of the book of Jude.

C Identify to whom the book of Jude was written.

C State the purpose for the book of Jude.

C Write the Key Verse of the book of Jude from memory.

C State the Life and Ministry Principle for the book of Jude.


AUTHOR: Jude (the brother of Jesus)

TO WHOM: All Christians, although the specific audience at the time were members of churches in Palestine and/or Asia.

PURPOSE: To warn against false teachers
KEY VERSE: Jude 1:3

LIFE AND MINISTRY PRINCIPLE: We must be alert for false teachers who creep in unawares and divert believers from the truth of God’s Word .

MAIN CHARACTERS: Jude, Michael the archangel, Cain, Balaam, Core, Enoch

Note: The book of Jude has no chapter divisions in the Bible. Therefore, only the verses are listed .

I. Introduction: Greeting: 1-2

A. From : Jude : 1

1. Brother of James.

2. Bondservant of Jesus Christ.

B. To those: 1

1. Sanctified by God.

2. Preserved in Christ.

3. Called.

II. Purpose: 3

A. Original purpose: Common salvation.

B. Revised purpose: Exhortation that they earnestly contend for the faith because

of the type of people creeping into the church.

III. Characteristics of "certain men" (false teachers): 4

A. Crept in unawares.

B. Ordained to condemnation.

C. Ungodly men.

D. Turning God’s grace to lasciviousness.

E. Denying the Lord Jesus Christ.

IV. Three historical records: 5-7

A. Israel: Once saved, afterward destroyed: 5 (Numbers 13-14 and I Corinthians


B. Angels: Left first estate, reserved in chains: 6 (II Peter 2:4)

C. Sodom and Gomorrah: Lust and fornication resulted in punishment by fire:

7 (Genesis 18-19)

V. Description of false teachers: 8-10 (continued description from verse 4)

A. Filthy dreamers: 8

B. Defile the flesh : 8

C. Despise dominion: 8

D. Speak evil of dignities: 8-10

1. Michael the archangel didn’t dare to speak evil against the devil: 9

2. These men speak evil of things they know not: 10

E. Corrupt natural things: 10

VI. Description of these evil men by example: 11

A. Gone: The way of Cain: Rejected the blood as necessary for remission of sin:

(Genesis 4)

B.  Ran: After the error of Balaam: Ministry for financial gain: (Numbers 22-24)

C. Perished: In the gainsaying of Core : Denying God’s designated leadership:

(Numbers 16)

VII. Description of these evil men by metaphor (comparison to natural examples): 12-13

A. Spots: Actually means "stones" in your feasts; stone in food: 12

B. Waterless Clouds: Promising much but delivering nothing ; easily driven this

way and that: 12

C. Dead Trees: Without fruit, no roots or stability; twice dead: First in sin and

secondly in hypocrisy: 12

D. Wild Waves: Boisterous, noisy, but accomplishing nothing: 13

E. Wandering Stars: Look bright, but reserved unto darkness: 13

VIII. Future judgment: 14-15 (Genesis 5:18-24)

A. The messenger: Enoch: 14

B. The message: 15

l. Judged by the Lord with 10,000 saints: 14

a. For all their ungodly deeds they committed: 15

b. For all their hard speeches spoken against Him: 15

IX. Description of evil men continued: 16

A. Murmurers.

B. Complainers.

C. Walking after their own lusts.

D. Mouth speaking swelling words (boasters).

E. Have respect of persons, thinking some better than others because of wealth,

position, etc .

X. Remember: Jesus warned of these men: 17-19

A. Mockers would come in the last time: 18

B. They would walk after their own ungodly lusts: 18

C. They would separate themselves (groups, cliques): 19

D. They would be sensual: 19

E. They would not have the Spirit of God: 19

XI. Four point plan for avoiding the deception of these evil men: 20-21

A. Build up yourself in the faith: 20

B. Pray in the Holy Ghost: 20

C. Keep yourself in the love of God: 21

D. Look for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ: 21

XII. Our response to these evil men: 22-23

A. On some have compassion: 22

1. Make a difference between those who are weak and those who are

willfully evil (see verse 23 ).

B. Others save with fear: 23

1. Pull them out of the fire of sin/hell; Pull them out, do not join them in

their sin .

2. Hate even the garments spotted by flesh.

XIV. Closing benediction: 24-25

A. What He does for us now: He is able to keep us from falling: 24

B. What He will do later: Present us faultless: 24

1. Before the presence of His glory.

2. With exceeding great joy.

C. To the only wise God our Savior, now and forever, be: 25

1. Glory.

2. Majesty.

3. Dominion.

4. Power.