Lesson 21




Upon completion of this chapter you will be able to:

C Name the author of the book of Revelation.

C Identify to whom the book of Revelation was written.

C State the purpose for the book of Revelation.

C Write the Key Verse of the book of Revelation from memory.

C State the Life and Ministry Principles for the book of Revelation.



TO WHOM: Seven churches in Asia and believers in general. PURPOSE: To reveal God’s plan for the world.

LIFE AND MINISTRY PRINCIPLE: In the end, good is always victorious over evil. God always accomplishes His established plan and purpose.

MAIN CHARACTERS: John, antichrist, false prophet, Jesus Christ

Part One: The Past: "Things which thou hast seen"

I. Introduction: 1:1-3

II. Salutation: 1:4-6

III. Theme of the Revelation: 1:7-8

IV. Author: John 1:9-10

V. John’s vision of the Lord: 1:10-18

A. His Person: Alpha and Omega, the Lord: 1:11

B. His position: The midst of the churches (candlesticks): 1:12-13

C. His characteristics: 1:13-16

D. His message: 1:17-20

Part Two: The Present: "Things which are"

I. Messages to the churches: 2:1-3:22

A. Ephesus: 2:1-7

B. Smyrna: 2:8-11

C. Pergamos: 2:12-17

D. Thyatira: 2:18-29

E. Sardis: 3:1-6

F. Philadelphia: 3:7-13

G. Laodicea: 3:14-22

Part Three: The Future: "Things which shall be hereafter"

I. The control of events in the end time: 4:1-5:14

A. The Throne of God: 4:1-11

B. The Scroll: 5:1-5

C. The Lamb: 5:6-14

II. The wrath of the Lamb: 6:1-19:21

A. The seven seal judgments: 6:1-11:19

1. The first seal: 6:1-2

2. The second seal: 6:3-4

3. The third seal: 6:5-6

4. The fourth seal: 6:7-8

5. The fifth seal: 6:9-11

6. The sixth seal: 6:12-17

7. An interlude: 7:1-17

a. On earth: The sealing of the servants of God: 7:1-8

b. In Heaven: The singing of the servants of God: 7:9-17

8. The seventh seal: 8:1-11:19. This seal consists of seven trumpets:

a. First trumpet: 8:7

b. Second trumpet: 8:8-9

c. Third trumpet: 8:10-11

d. Fourth trumpet: 8:12-13

e. Fifth trumpet: 9:1-12

f. Sixth trumpet: 9:13-21

g. Interlude: 10:1-11:14.

Seven events occur between the sixth and seventh trumpets.

h. Seventh trumpet: 11:15-19

III. The reign of Satan on earth: 12:1-13:18

A. Satan and Israel: 12:1-17

B. Satan and the world: 13:1-18

IV. The seven vial judgments: 14:1-16:21

A. Events preceding the vial judgments: 14:1-15:8

B. The vial judgments: 16:1-21

l. First vial judgment: 16:2

2. Second vial judgment: 16:3

3. Third vial judgment: 16:4-7

4. Fourth vial judgment: 16:8-9

5. Fifth vial judgment: 16:10-11

6. Sixth vial judgment: 16:12-16

7. Seventh vial judgment: 16:17-21

V. Destruction of the world’s religious systems: 17:1-18

A. History: 17:1-6

B. Future: 17:7-18

VI. Destruction of the world’s political and economic systems: 18:1-24

VII. Defeat of the enemies of God at Armageddon: 19:1-21

A. The celebration in Heaven: 19:1-10

B. The confrontation on earth: 19:11-21

VIII. The judgment of mankind: 20:4-15

A. Unto life: 20:4-10

B. Unto death: 20:11-15

IX. The new heaven and new earth: 21:1-22:5

A. Introductory overview: 21:1-8

B. The New Jerusalem in detail: 21:9-22:5

X. Closing exhortations: 22:6-21