Lesson 3




Upon completion of this chapter you will be able to:

C Name the author of the book of Luke.

C Identify to whom the book of Luke was written.

C State the purpose for the book of Luke.

C Write the Key Verse of the book of Luke from memory.

C State the Life and Ministry Principle for the book of Luke.



TO WHOM: All believers, although the first intended audience was the Greeks to whom he presented Jesus as the perfect man. He also addresses one specific believer , Theophilus.

PURPOSE: The purpose is to write an orderly account of the ministry of Jesus (Luke 1:1-4). KEY VERSE: Luke 19:10

LIFE AND MINISTRY PRINCIPLE: Our mission is identical to that of Jesus: To reach the lost with the good news of the Gospel.

MAIN CHARACTERS: Jesus, the twelve disciples

Part One: Preparation 1:1-2:52

I. Introduction:

A. The note to Theophilus: 1:1-4

B. The vision of Zechariah: 1:5-25

C. The vision of Mary: 1:26-38

D. The visit of Mary to Elizabeth: 1:39-56

E. The birth of John the Baptist: 1:57-80

II. Birth and childhood of Jesus:

A. The birth of Jesus: 2:1-7

B. The visit of the shepherds: 2: 8-20

C. The circumcision and naming of Jesus: 2:21

D. The presentation of Jesus: 2:22-40

E. The visit of Jesus to the Temple: 2:41-52

Part Two: The Beginning Of Christ’s Ministry 3:1-4:3

I. The ministry of John the Baptist: 3:1-20

II. The baptism of Jesus: 3:21-22

III. The genealogy of Jesus: 3:23-38

IV. The temptation of Jesus: 4:1-13

Part Three: Jesus In Galilee 4:14-9:62

I. The rejection of Jesus in Nazareth: 4:14-30

II. The demon possessed man in the synagogue at Capernaum: 4:31-37

III. The healing of Peter’s mother-in-law: 4:38-39

IV. Further miracles and preaching: 4:40-44

V. A miraculous catch of fish and the call of Simon Peter, James, and John: 5:1-11

VI. The cleansing of a leper: 5:12-16

VII. The forgiving and healing of a paralyzed man: 5:17-26

VIII. The call of Matthew: 5:27-28

IX. The feast with publicans: 5:29-32

X. Remarks about fasting: 5:33-39

XI. Plucking and eating grain on the Sabbath: 6:1-5

XII. Healing of a withered hand: 6:6-11

XIII. Choice of the twelve disciples: 6:12-16

XIV. The sermon on the Mount: 6:17-49

XV. Healing of a centurion’s servant: 7:1-10

XVI. Raising a widow’s son from the dead: 7:11-17 XVII. The question of John the Baptist: 7:18-35

XVIII. Anointing by and forgiveness of the sinful woman: 7:36-50 XIX. Preaching with support from certain women : 8:1-3
XX. The parable of the seed and the soils: 8:4-15
XXI. Parable of the candle: 8:16-18

XXII. True spiritual relationship: 8:19-21
XXIII. Stilling the storm: 8:22-25
XXIV. Healing the demoniac: 8:26-40

XXV. Healing the woman with the issue of blood and raising Jarius’ daughter: 8:40-56 XXVI. The mission of the twelve disciples: 9:1-6

XXVII. The death of John the Baptist: 9:7-9 XXVIII. Feeding of the 5,000: 9:10-17
XXIX. Peter’s confession: 9:18-21
XXX. Prediction of Christ’s death: 9:22 XXXI. A call to discipleship: 9:23-27
XXXII. The transfiguration: 9:28-36

XXXIII. The deliverance of a demon possessed boy: 9:37-45

XXXIV. A lesson on greatness: 9:46-48

XXXV. Remarks on tolerance: 9:49-50

Part Four: Jesus On The Way To Jerusalem 10:1-19:48

I. Determination to go to Jerusalem and the rejection by a Samaritan village: 9:51-56

II. Remarks on discipleship: 9:57-62

III. The mission of the seventy: 10:1-24

IV. The parable of the good Samaritan: 10:25-37

V. Dinner with Mary and Martha: 10:38-42

VI. Teaching on prayer: 11:1-13

VII. Defense against the charge of Satanic power: 11:14-26

VIII. The importance of keeping God’s Word: 11:27-28

IX. Seeking for a sign: 11:29-36

X. Exposing the Pharisees and Scribes: 11:37-54

XI. Warnings: 12:1-59

A. Against hypocrisy: 12:1-12

B. Against covetousness: 12:13-21

C. Against anxiety: 12:22-34

D. About servants waiting for masters: 12:35-48

E. About understanding Christ’s mission: 12:49-59

XII. A call to repentance: 13:1-9

XIII. The healing of the woman with the spirit of infirmity: 13:10-17

XIV. Parables: 13:18-30

A. The mustard seed: 13:18-19

B. The leaven: 13:20-21

C. The narrow door: 13:22-30

XV. A message from and to Herod: 13:31-33

XVI. A lament over Jerusalem: 13:34-35
XVII. Healing of a man with dropsy: 14 :1-6
XVIII. Parables:

A. The marriage feast: 14:7-14

B. The great banquet: 14:15-24

C. The builder: 14:25-30

D. The king who goes to war: 14:31-35

E. The lost sheep: 15:1-7

F. The lost coin: 15:8-10

G. The prodigal son: 15:11-32

H. The unjust steward and further comments on the Pharisees: 16:1-18

I. The rich man and Lazarus: 16:19-31

XIX. Offenses: 17 :1-4

XX. Increasing faith: 1 7:5- 10

XXI. Healing of the lepers: 17:11-19

XXII. The future of the Kingdom of God: 17:20-37

XXIII. Parable of the widow and the unjust judge: 18 :1-8

XXIV. Parable of the Pharisee and the publican: 18:9-14

XXV. Welcoming little children: 18:15-17

XXVI. The rich young ruler: 18:18-30

XXVII. Prediction of the death and resurrection of Jesus: 18:31-34

XXVIII. Healing of the blind man near Jericho: 18:35-43

XXIX. The conversion of Zacchaeus: 19:1-10

XXX. The parable of the pounds: 19:11-27

Part Five: Jesus In Jerusalem 19:28-24:53

I. Events prior to the death of Jesus: 19:28-23:25

A. The triumphal entry: 19:28-48

B. Temple disputes: 20:1-47

l. The question of authority: 20:1-8

2. The parable of the faithless tenants: 20:9-18

3. The question of tribute to Caesar: 20:19-26

4. The question of the resurrection: 20:27-40

5. A question and a warning: 20:41-47

C. Temple teachings: 21:1-38

l. The widow’s offering: 21 :1-4

2. The future: 21:5-28

3. The warning to watch: 21:29-38

D. Passover and the final night: 22:1-71

l. The plot against Jesus: 22 :1-6

2. The preparation for the Passover: 22:7-13

3. The Last Supper: 22:14-23

4. True greatness: 22:24-30

5. The warning to Peter: 22:31-34

6. Warning to the disciples: 22:35-38

7. Prayer in the garden: 22:39-46

8. The arrest of Jesus: 22:47-53

9. Peter’s denials : 2 2 :5 4 – 6 2

10. The trial of Jesus: 22:63-71

a. Abuse by the soldiers: 22:63-65

b. Condemnation by the Sanhedrin: 22:66-71

c. The hearing before Herod: 23:1-12

d. The hearing before Pilate: 23:13-25

II. The death of Jesus: 23:26-56

A. The crucifixion: 23:26-49

l. On the way to Golgotha: 23:26-31

2. The crucifixion and mocking of Jesus: 23:32-38

3. The repentant criminal 23:39-43

4. The death of Jesus: 23:44-49

5. The burial of Jesus: 23:50-56

III. The resurrection of Jesus: 24:1-12

IV. The post-resurrection ministry: 24:13-49

A. The walk to Emmaus: 24:13-35

B. The appearance in Jerusalem: 24:36-49

C. A final charge: 24:44-49

D. The ascension of Jesus: 24:50-53