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This study presents principles of management revealed in God’s written Word, the Holy Bible. “Management” is another word for “stewardship.” “Stewards,” or “managers,” are responsible over something entrusted to them by someone else. As believers, each of us are managers of spiritual resources with which God has entrusted us.

A serious problem with many Christian leaders is that of organizing and managing these spiritual resources. If laborers for spiritual harvest are few as the Bible indicates, then they should be properly organized and mobilized.

Human growth occurs through the multiplication of living cells and the development of a skeleton to support them. For the body of Christ to grow, structure is also important. Spiritual life brings growth which we must be prepared to support.

This course is first in a series of three in the “Organizing Module” of training offered by Harvestime International Network. This study, along with the courses “Environmental Analysis” and “Management By Objectives” which follow, will help you become a good steward of spiritual resources. We recommend that these three courses be studied in order for proper understanding of the leadership, planning, and organization necessary for effective ministry.

This course introduces the subject of management, identifies leadership positions, and stresses the importance of the anointing to lead. Biblical principles of leading like a servant and shepherd and qualifications for leaders are also discussed.

Major tasks of leaders are reviewed, with emphasis on decision making and handling conflicts. Guidelines for training leaders and followers are given, and principles of success and reasons for failure examined.

The Appendix of this course provides opportunity for learning additional principles by studying examples of great leaders in the Bible.


Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Define management.
  • Identify spiritual resources over which believers are managers.
  • Identify the main requirement for stewards.
  • Identify the greatest example of spiritual leadership.
  • Summarize what the ministry of management includes.
  • Identify Biblical positions of leadership.
  • Explain how spiritual gifts are used in ministry.
  • Explain how leaders work together in ministry.
  • Recognize the importance of anointing in spiritual leadership.
  • List qualifications for spiritual leaders.
  • Explain how to lead like a servant.
  • Explain how to lead like a shepherd.
  • Summarize the tasks of leaders.
  • Use Biblical guidelines to make decisions.
  • Use Biblical guidelines to deal with conflicts and discipline.
  • Train leaders and followers.
  • Turn failures into success.
  • Apply Biblical principles of success.
  • Identify the costs of leadership.
  • Explain the true test of spiritual leadership.




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