Lesson 1




Upon completion of this chapter you will be able to:

C Name the author of the book of Matthew .

C Identify to whom the book of Matthew was written.

C State the purpose for the book of Matthew .

C Write the Key Verses of the book of Matthew from memory.

C State the Life and Ministry Principle for the book of Matthew .


AUTHOR: Matthew

TO WHOM: To all believers, although the first intended audience was the Jews to whom he presented Jesus as the Messiah, the Son of David.

PURPOSE: To present the ministry of Jesus, stressing His role as King of the Jews. KEY VERSES: 28:19-20

LIFE AND MINISTRY PRINCIPLE: The final command of Jesus to His followers was to go to all nations with the Gospel.

MAIN CHARACTERS: Jesus, the twelve disciples

Part One: The Genealogy Of The King 1:1-17

I. Introduction : 1:1

II. People in the genealogy: 1:2-16

III. The plan of the genealogy: 1:17

Part Two: The Birth Of The King 1:18-2:23

I. The conception: 1:18-23

II. The birth: 1:24-25

III. Events related to the birth: 2:1-23

A. Visit of the wise men and Herod’s plot: 2:1-12

B. The flight into Egypt: 2:13-15

C. Herod’s revenge: 2:16-18

D. Return to the Nazareth home: 2:19-23

Part Three: Preparation 3:1-4:11

I. Preparation for the King’s coming: 3:1-17

A. The ministry and message of John the Baptist: 3:1-12

B. The baptism of the King: 3:13-17

II. Preparation of the King: 4:1-11

A. His humanity attacked by Satan: 4:1 -4

B. His divinity attacked by Satan : 4:5-7

C. His Lordship attacked by Satan: 4:8-11

Part Four: Ministry Of The King In Galilee 4:12-13:58

I. A call to repentance: 4:12-17

II. Four fishermen called to discipleship: 4:18-22

III. Early success and fame: 4:23-25

IV. Principles of conduct for Kingdom citizens: 5:1-7:28

A. Attitudes that should characterize Kingdom citizens: 5:1-12

B. The witness of Kingdom citizens: Light and salt: 5:13-16

C. Kingdom principles in relation to the law and the prophets: 5:17-48

l. God’s law in general: 15:17-20

2. The new law: 15:21-48

a. Killing: 15:21-26

b. Adultery: 15:27-30

c. Divorce: 15:31-32

d. Oaths: 15:33-37

e. Treatment of others: 15:38-48

D. Three attitudes of worship in the Kingdom: 6:1-18

1. Giving: Outward look: 6:1-4

2. Praying: Upward look: 6:5-15

3. Fasting: Inward look: 6:16-18

E. Priorities for Kingdom citizens: 6:19-33

l. In relation to values: 6 : 1 9- 21

2. In relation to service : 6 :2 2 – 2 4

3. In relation to material needs: 6:25-34

4. The proper priority: The Kingdom: 6:33

F. Proper conduct for Kingdom citizens: 7:1-29

l. Judging : 7:1-5

2. Care for that which is holy: 7:6

3. Prayer: 7: 7-12

a. Three kinds of prayer: Asking, seeking, knocking: 7:7-8

b. A comparison between the response of natural fathers and the

Heavenly Father: 7:9-11

G. Special warnings to Kingdom citizens: 7:13-29

l. Two gates: 7:13-14

2. False prophets: 7:15-20

3. The proof of God’s man: Doing His will: 7:21-23

4. A comparison of wise and foolish men: 7:24-27

H. Astonishment at the doctrine of Jesus: 7:28-29

V. The authority of the King: 8:1-9:38

A. Authority over disease: 8:1-17

l. Healing of a leper: 8:1-4

2. Healing of the Centurion’s servant: 8:5-13

3. Healing of Peter’s mother-in-law: 8:14-15

4. Healing of all types of diseases: 8:16-17

B. Authority over His disciples: 8:18-22

C. Authority over natural elements: 8:23-27

D. Authority over demons: 8:28-34

E. Authority over sin: 9:1-8

F. Authority over men: 9:9-17

l. The calling of Matthew : 9:9

2. Eating with sinners: 9:10-13

3. Answering a challenge: 9:14-17

G. Authority over death: The ruler’s daughter: 9:18-19, 23-26

H. Authority over physical conditions: 9:20-38

l. Woman with the issue of blood: 9:20-22

2. Blindness: 9:27-31

3. Deafness and demon possession: 9:32-34

4. The compassion of Jesus: 9:35-38

VI. Commissioned by the King: 10:1-42

A. The twelve missionaries and their authority: 10:1-4

B. Instructions for the journey: 10:5-42

l. Where to go: 10 :5-6

2. The ministry: 10:7-8

3. Material instructions: 10:9-15

4. Spiritual instructions: 1 0 : 1 6 -4 2

VII. Attitudes towards the Kingdom: 11:1-30

A. The Kingdom misunderstood: 11:1-11

B. The Kingdom perverted: 11:12-19

C. The Kingdom rejected: 11:20-24

D. The Kingdom accepted: 11:25-30

VIII. Controversies with the Pharisees: 12:1-14

A. Harvesting on the Sabbath: 12 :1-8

B. Healing on the Sabbath: 12:9-13

C. The results: 12:14-21

IX. The unpardonable sin: 12:22-37

X. Christ’s reply to demands of the Pharisees: 12:38-45

XI. The priority of spiritual over physical relationships in the Kingdom: 12:46-50

XII. Parables of the Kingdom: 13:1-53

A. Parable of the sower: 13 :1-9

B. The reason for speaking in parables: 13:10-17

C. Interpretation of the parable of the sower: 13:18-23

D. Parable of the tares: 13:24-30

E. Parable of the mustard seed: 13:31-32

F. Parable of the leaven: 13:33

G. A summary concerning parables: 13:34-35

H. Interpretation of the parable of the tares : 1 3: 36-43

I. Parable of the treasure hidden in a field: 13:44

J. Parable of the pearl of great value: 13:45-46

K. Parable of the dragnet: 13:47-50

L. Concluding remarks about parables: 13:51-52

XIII. The King’s reception in His home town: 13:53-58

Part Five: Ministry In Regions Near Galilee 14:1-18:35

I. The death of John the Baptist: 14:1-12

II. Jesus’ withdrawal beyond the sea: 14:13-15:20

A. Feeding the 5,000: 14:13-21

B. Following for loaves and fishes: 14:22-23

C. Walking on the sea: 14:24-33

D. Ministry in Gennesaraet: 14:34-36

E. Controversy with the Pharisees and Scribes: 15:1-20

III. Jesus’ withdrawal to the region of Tyre and Sidon: 15:21-28

A. The women of Tyre and Sidon: 15:21-28

IV. Jesus’ withdrawal to the vicinity of Decapolis: 15:29-38

A. Healing ministry near the Sea of Galilee: 15:29-31

B. Feeding the 4,000: 15:32-38

V. Ministry in the regions of Magadan: 15 :39-1 6:4

VI. Warning the disciples concerning the Pharisees and the Sadducees: 16:5-12

A. Seeking for a sign: 16:1-4

B. Warning concerning their doctrine: 16:5-12

VII. Withdrawal to Caesarea-Philippi: 16:13-17:21

A. Testing the disciples: 16:13-20

B. Announcement of His death, resurrection, and return: 16:21-28

C. The transfiguration: 17:1-13

D. Healing of a lunatic: 17:14-20

VIII. A brief visit to Galilee: 17:22-18:35

A. A reminder of His death and resurrection: 17:22-23

B. Paying the temple tax: 17:24-27

C. A lesson in greatness: 18:1-6

D. Warnings concerning offenses: 18:7-9

E. Parable of the lost sheep: 18:10-14

F. Settling disputes among Kingdom citizens: 18:15-35

1. How to settle disputes: 18:15-17

2. The responsibilities and privileges of Kingdom citizens: 18:18-20

3. A question on forgiveness: 18:21-22

4. The King and his debtors: 18:23-35

Part Six: Ministry Of The King In Perea 19:1-20:34

I. Healing multitudes in Judea: 1 9:1-2

II. The question concerning divorce: 19:3-12

III. Children blessed by Jesus: 19:13-15

IV. Interview with the rich young ruler: 19:16-22

V. The peril of riches: 19:23-30

VI. Parable of the householder: 20:1-16

VII. Impending death and resurrection of Jesus: 20:17-19

VIII. A mother’s selfish request: 20:20-28

IX. Two blind men healed near Jericho: 20:29-34

Part Seven: The King’s Last Week 21:1-27:31

I. The royal entry into Jerusalem: 21:1-11

II. Cleansing the temple: 21:12-17

III. The fig tree cursed: 21:18-22

IV. The authority of Jesus challenged: 21:23-32

V. Parable of the wicked husbandmen: 21:33-46

VI. Parable of the marriage feast: 22:1-14

VII. Attempts to discredit Jesus: 22:15-45

A. Question of paying taxes to Caesar: 22:15-22

B. Question concerning the resurrection: 22:23-33

C. Question of the great commandment: 22:34-40

D. Questions by Jesus: 22:41-46

VIII. Discussion concerning the Scribes and Pharisees: 23:1-39

A. They pretend religious authority: 23:1-3

B. They impose burdens: 23 :4

C. They covet praise: 23 :5-7

D. Advice to His disciples: 23:8-12

E. Woes upon the Scribes and Pharisees: 23:13-36

F. The cry over Jerusalem: 23:37-39

IX. The future of the Kingdom: 24:1-25:46

A. The destruction of the temple: 24:1-2

B. Signs of the end: 24:3-14

C. The tribulation period: 24:15-22

D. The return of Jesus: 24:23-31

E. Parable of the fig tree: 24:32-35

F. The day of the Lord: 24:36-41

G. The command to watch: 24:42-51

H. Parables concerning the end times: 25:1-46

l. The ten virgins: 25:1-13

2. The talents: 25:14-30

3. The sheep and goats: 25:31-46

X. Events prior to the crucifixion: 26:1-27:31

A. Announcement of approaching death: 26:1-2

B. The plot to kill Jesus: 26:3-5

C. Anointed for burial: 26:6-13

D. Agreement of Judas to betray Jesus: 26:14-16

E. The Last Supper: 26:17-29

l. Preparations for the Passover: 26:17-19

2. The Last Supper: 26:20-29

3. Jesus’ warning and Peter’s boast: 26:30-35

F. Gethsemane: 26:36-46

G. Betrayal and arrest: 26:47-56

H. The trials of Jesus: 26:57-27:26

Part Eight: The King’s Death And Triumph 27:27-28:20

I. The crucifixion and burial: 27:27-66

A. The mockery of the soldiers: 27:27-31

B. The road to and death on Calvary: 27:32-54

C. The faithful women, the burial, and tomb guard: 27:55-66

II. The resurrection: 28:1-15

III. The Great Commission: 28:16-20